New year; new possibilities..

Another year has come. And like everone else is summarizing their year that is now passed.  I thought of doing the same. 
2012 started with another crazy night out in Malmo. And in the begining of january I got the chance to move to a wonderful collective appartement i central Malmo. I went back to my work at the older care center, And the whole spring I spent on trying to understand Bikram Yoga, spending time with friends, enjoying life, got introduced to new placed in Malmö, got influenced of new people I met, and at the same time I was slowly trying to get use to the thought of maybe study in a foreign country, far away from Sweden. And suddenly, on 18th July, I was on a plane to India. I had a good-bye-party, and left friends and family to start a new life, with the reason to fulfill my whishes to become a Nurse!
In India I got a very warm welcome by my new found friend, Nipun. And after a week in Goa, I was ready for school. Or, I don't know if you could be preppared enough for it. But I believe I had a very good start i Manipal, and Manipal University. I met a lot of new people and friends. Had a wonderful roomie who told me everything she new about school, Manipal and the life in India.
I felt a very warm welcome from all my classmates and teachers, and I believe I've got along well with people I met. The language have been a challange indeed, and the classes have been tough, but Manipal is a nice student town to live in!
Still, there have been times when my self confidece have been low, things I thought I knew about my self, that I was sure aboute my oppinions, but I've been forced to questioning things I thought I was so sure of knowing.
I don't know what it is, but India is a country that forces you to open up your mind. And if you're strong enough it can even reach your soul. Yes, I say 'strong enough'. Because in the end you are the only one who decides whether you let it reach you or not. And if you want to get to know your self, you should surrender. 
I've started to know parts of how the Indian society works, the very tuff school system, the mentality of the people, Hospital system and basic nursery.
It's been a challangeing year, indeed, and it's not getting easier, I can tell...
So many changes during 2012 makes me wonder if it's even possible for an even more eventfull 2013. But then again, I've moved to a country that is full of surprises.
I welcome them all, and wish future challanges will give me strength to carry one!!