When Life Is You Teacher

While we have been travelling together in India we tend to meet alot of interesting people on the way; each one giving us a new perspective of the world. And there are alot of different perspectives!
And since my hindi is pretty broken my bf tend to get into most of the conversations with people that we meet on our journey. And he usually introduces me and tells everyone that I'm working in the health care sector.
This introduction often ends up with us being invited to someones home and gaining so much more knowledge about someone's life! Not only does actions describe a person but also his/her home; a home is filled with a past and a present.

So, when people come to know that I'm a health care professional many of them wish to express their health status and to get a feedback on it. They start telling about their chronic back pain, leg swelling, they take out their medicine box and shows me their latest x-ray reports.
They ask for oppinins. I'd take a look at a womans leg and give options of treatments and what important medicines to take. We often end up talking about importance of practicing yoga and I would recommend them to try ayovedic medicine as a treatment of first option and later western medicinal treatment.

We're in India - a country overwhelmed by fascinating knowledge of natural remedies based on herbs and spices. Hence, the onvious way to treat an illness should be (according to me) to start using those methods!
I was really insecure while trying to help out, initially. What did I know?
But the more we met people on our journey who opened up and told about their struggles in life the more I appreciated those meetings. It has tought us invaluable  knowledge and created bridges between people.
And I'm so thankful that my bf have helped me gaining those experiences. You've made me realize the importance of using my knowledge and see the value in it. And on the way gaining a little more confidence!

Sudarshan - You Inspire me❤