Two importance principles in life

In every subject we are constantly fed with prinsiples, objectives, outcomes, evaluations etc..
What is the principles behind body mechanism? What are the objectives with bedmaking? Why do we need to evaluate after every task that has been performed?
Today after our practical exam in biochemistry, where we had to make findings in urine, my teacher almost got me touched to tears after telling me about the two most important principles in life.
Am simply in a very intensive period at the moment, where assignments shall be handle in in time, I have to renew my VISA before 25th...And with all this bureaucracy in this country, one really get to check once patience...  
-You are what you eat.
- What every you think will be your outcome.
Mmmm,.. Today is saturday, 23rd... A lot of people from school is participating in "a walkatone against drugs", big event in Manipal... But I kind of didn't feel putting time in that.. and then it hit me... Hm,..where exactly do I stand where it comes to drugs?!
I don't mind having a glas of wine, and the thought of making marijuana a legal drug for medication purpose kind of tickle me...;)
But I know a friend of mine is participating who simply says "drugs are bad for you".
Am just so inspired by you, Sree!! Give some of your certainty to me, please!!

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