I hate going to the hairdresser!!

I just realized it today - I hate going to the hairdresser!! I just can't stand it!!
There's nothing wrong while they're doing the hair wash, or giving a nice head massage. It's about the time when they take out their scissor and start cutting my hair.
So yea, maybe that's the reason why it was 1½ year ago since last time I went there.
Today I finally understood why.
I don't have much problem of dying my hair for some reason. That doesn't touch my back. You pic a colour that you like, and then you just wish that it's going to end up in the similar colour that you chose.
But after every haircut I just get this uncomfortable feeling, keep touching my hair, feeling that something is missing while I pull the fingers through my hair. And then, when you want to do your hair the way you used to do it before the hair cut, and you CAN'T, cause the HAIR IS TOO SHORT!!
And yea, I kind of like the feeling of ruff and untidy hair..;)
I've started to wonder how this might be connected with the fact that I don't like the process of changes in life that I don't have any control over. Changes that takes place in your life on a daily basis.
But there's a different weather you're the one making the change or someone else does it for you. Cause, when you're sitting with your head and hair under the scissor, you're the one without control. You try giving them the best explanation of how you want it. But it rarely/never turn out the way you want it. But then again, is it because you were happy with what you had before, and actually didn't want to get a hair cut? And then, social rules tells you that you should do it every now and then?
But in the end, it's just hair that is going to grow out again..
Peace & Love everyone:)

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