We Got Tagged!!

Oh yea! We went to Gokarna, (a small temple town and paradise just below Goa) for two nights last weekend in order to get tagged, both of us:)
And I got really satisfied with his work, despite the fact that he was a bit of a sadomasochist... Maaaan, it hurt like crazy...!! But like my dear friend Ylva used to say "vill man vara fiiin får man lida piiin";)
We also had lunch at the temple place where the food is served for free, and you get to sit on the floor  next to hundreds of other people waiting for the temple people to serve you rice and sambar.
An interesting experience indeed!
But since this service is being provided by the temple, Sadu gave me a "thinker" by questioning all the beggars asking for money to buy food when there are temples offering free meals three times/day...hm..
The second night we spent sleeping on the beach with nothing but the stars watching over us!
And the sky in India is blessed with shooting stars...(''v'')
Railway breakfast - Chai and Samosa!
Train is the way to travel:)
The shitiest thing one could ever drink.. But yea, mixing it makes it easier to swallow...
Last week in class just finished and two weeks are remaining before our final exams starts!!
Oh, help me love....


1 Ylva Persson:

Det är så kul att läsa om hur du har det, även fast vi kanske inte pratar så mycket. Men jag tänker ofta på dig och vad du hittar på i Indien och försöker skicka dig styrka så ofta jag kan. Önskar dig bara det bästa och hoppas att vi ses snart igen, förhoppningsvis nästa gång du kommer på besök i Sverige! 😁
massa kramar

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