Back to India!

I've been back in India for a month now, and it didn't take long before I felt one was back on track again - theories first two weeks and after that we started our seven weeks of clinicals, and INTERNSHIP posting! Don't tell me what's the difference between regular clinicals and Internship, except that we'll get different type of evaluation and probably should stay a little more focused or something. 
My first Internship started in the ICU!! So, I was quit happy about that:) It's been one of my most interesting postings so fare, and I've got the chance to practice more on my skills such as putting catheter and withdraw blood... 
Celebrated Onam this weekend, and of course I had to wear my saree for the last Onam celebration!
And I got actually back from Bangalore this morning! Our college participated in the state SNA (student nurses association) competition in the weekend. So the college sent twelve students, and I got to participate in "Ms/Mr SNA Personality"...;) 
It actually went really well for us with totally FOUR Gold (Mr. SNA Personality, Poetry writing, Discuss throw and Javelin throw). But the organization of the competition was really bad,.. When we arrived we were told to stay at a hostel that was still under construction, beds with no mattresses and no outlet for charging... The competition ended up being delayed with over four hours, got the same food every day, and the food even ran out if one came to late. The sound system didn't work, they didn't clarify the rules, and changed the rules in between...
Kind of appreciated out own college after the visit..
But Bangalore is a nice city, and we had a really fun time together:) Such a carrying and happy group of students who know how take care of one another and respect each other! But then again, we're all nurses..;)
Hostel under construction...
Preparing for the competition...
Sports day!

Breakfast served - Puri!
Thanks everyone for a really nice weekend:)
Back to reality... ("v")

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