To someone who means the world to me...
We met on a party, and I came to know you partly..
Then we went on a trip, and my heart made a double flip 
I came to know you even more, so much more of you to love and adore
 I told you I love you, but I think you already knew 
 and suddenly we shared a flat, and somehow from where came that bat?;) 
 Thailand was amazing like crazy without a doubt, and a whole new side of you (or maybe both of us) came out 
  And I will never forget the songs we sang on the 1st of Jan... 
  I know that I will never be the only one feeling the same, but whom to blame 
 since you're one of a kind, my selfishness wish you'll always be mine 
 Whatever disagreement or fight, we know we fight because we both believe in the love that feels right
 You've showed me a great part of the world of yours, and I know there is more and am all ears 
 But I can't wait to take you to My side of town, since I know it'll make you frown 
 And I got one crazy wish and idea, to join all our different worlds together, which might take us to Sofia or Korea 
 But wherever in the world the force of the universe will take us, I know we got the guts     
You asked for 30 seconds, but yea, almost two years now..;)
I love you, and wish I could be with you right now. But I pray every day that we'll have forever, and a million of beautiful moments ahead to look forward to,..:)

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