Indian school children clean the toilets

We were, surprised or not, given FOUR days of holiday! So of course, a lot of the students went home to visit their families. Me, on the other hand, took the possibility to do some compensation:) So on thuresday when everyone were celebrating Holi, I went to a PHC in Hiribettu.
I got to know something that really surprised me though. Or, maybe not. In the end, this is India. A country where their inhabitants are not used to question things, but instead to listen and follow what they are being told to do. Humbleness is good, but with a bucket of reasonable thinking, please.
For a certain reason Indian school children are being made to clean the toilets and swipe floors. And this is happening in a governmental setup and regime. My classmate also told me how she used to do the same thing. And every class would have their own responsibility. The rational behind it seems to be something like promoting the feeling of responsibility and importance of household care. Seriously...
Is there anyone who sees the great risk of spreading infection? Nursing students are being taught the risk of infection spreading and how to maintain a safe and hygienic environment. And this should be taken care of a ten year old? And where do you draw the line in child the age of 14!
This work could easily be given to a cleaning lady who'd get paid, and thereby creating work opportunities for people. But, no...
I got really angry hearing about this, and during a short visit to a small governmental school near by the primary health center the school children confirmed the matter. The boys did the cleaning of their Sir's toilet (the male teacher).
India, you'll never stop surprising me...

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