Merry Christmas ☺

 So Christmas is here and it is around this time of year I usually miss my family the most..!! I gave grandmother, grandfather and my brother a call and wished them, and later I'll Skype with mom and dad!
We got a parcel from Sweden that we opened yesterday😄 Full of "skumtomtar", mom's special saffron biscuits and a few presents! I also got an oh so beautiful surprise gift from my bf which made me cry a little (man, I'm so sensitive) and we also met up our dear neighbours in the evening and shared a few drinks and alot of good thoughts and laughthers🙂
I'm also alone this Christmas eve which I initially didn't think would make me feel as lonely as I feel at the moment. And I actually didn't think I would mind being alone since my bf had to go out of town for understandable reasons. But sitting here and listen to Christmas music and trying to make my own rice porridge (by recommendation from my grandmother🙂) I'm reflecting upon a couple of things this evening! Watching people's cheerful photos on Fb and Instagram does not make me feel much cheerful though...sorry for that everyone, but at the moment that's the truth..
So here's the thing. I don't consider myself as a Christian. But since I grew up in a "Christian society" I love the whole tradition around December time when it comes to baking, decorating, Lucia celebration and creating that "Christmas feeling" with friends and family. But as time goes by friends and family starts creating their own traditions. And after all my years in India it hit me that I lost some of those traditions that I used to follow - midsummer celebration, "kräftskiva", Lucia celebration and of course everything that comes with Christmas.
And then another thing hit me! Even if I lost some traditions I have also gained some; Holi, Onam and Diwali, to mention a few🙂 And so, in the end it is my own responsibility to choose what I want to celebrate in life and how. And how to hold these traditions alive! And I have to start doing that. I can't let time pass by thinking that it doesn't mean anything to me. Cause it does! Otherwise every day would be the same if we didn't keep traditions alive and celebrated life as we know it!

And a new year is about to start, and I still feel my life is getting better and better for each year. And I wish the same to all of you out there!
Merry Christmas every one🙂


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Ååh er katt är så söt! Förstår att det är jobbigt att följa via internet. Oavsett om man är på andra sidan jordklotet eller här hemma i Sverige men inte kan fira på samma sätt, så ser man allas ”perfekta” liv.. kommer du vara själv på nyår? God jul på dig fina!!

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