"Shaadi Main Zaroon Aana"

We watched the movie "Shaadi Main Zaroon Aana" today ("Please come for my marriage"); a new released Bollywood movie that brings up a lot of typical problems going on in Indian society, still. Problems such as problem arising with the dowry system (fucked up), women trying to break free from the rock hard hand of a man, a fathers strong leadership in the family, arranged marriages and forbidden love marriages, not letting women follow their dreams and doing what makes them happy etc.
I just love Bollywood movies yaar. The drama, the music, the dancing, the sudden twist in the story line. And of course, a good way to learn Hindi!  
I don't have much exposure of watching Bollywood movies though. But I do understand that there is a lot of changes taking place in the movie industry. I guess it was not long time ago one would never see a couple kiss in a movie scene or seeing a person totally naked. Big NO! But slowly one can notice a kiss once and a while. What's interesting when it comes to Bollywood is the gigantic impact it has on the Indian population. Movies also, as in music, should function as a reflection of what is happening in society. And watching a movie about eg. about a woman who has to choose between love or family of course affects the people watching the movie and hopefully starts reflecting upon their own believes and actions in life, hopefully.

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