Early morning in Ahmedabad

Arriving in Ahmedabad early thursday morning and we had not been able to book a stay since most of the hotels were full due to an on going political conference in the city. But our auto driver seemed nice and tried his best to find a place for us to stay. On our fourth attent to find a hotel the man at the counter told my boyfriend that he did not accept foreignes as guests. And when the owner saw my face he was indirectly telling us that he did not accept prostitutes in his hotel.
It's not the first time I've been mistaken for being a prostitute. I guess I've heard it so much that I can tell before entering a hotel whether they'll give us a room or not. I don't know whether it is the awkward timing of arrival to the hotel, the location and cheap price of the hotel or the fact that I'm young and white that makes them not wanting me there. The last reason being more likely I guess..
(Gujarati food is just one of the best!!)

After so many declines from hotel owners we decided to continue our journey by catching a morning bus to Jodhpur. The guy at the ticket counter acted as if he owned the place by shouting at people around him, and suddenly out of the blue he called my boyfriend a "Choo-tia" (fucker/bastard) for not finding the ticket in his bag.
And so we had both been asulted this early Thursday morning. We have had many, funny and not so funny, ocations where people assume that my boyfriend does not know Hindi. And so they take the liberty to insult us right in our faces. :)
Let's just say that I've become immune to the amount of bullshit people we tend to meet on our journeys. But it does bring alot of laughters with it🙂

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