"The Book of Women"

I just finished reading "The Book of Women" - Celebrating the Female Spirit, by Osho.
For those who are not familiar with him he was a very famous "Guru" and known for e.g. "helping to create the comdition of the birth of a new kind of human being "zorba the buddha"- capable of both enjoying earthly pleasure as zorba the greek God and the silent serenity of Gautama the Buddha. He's known for his famous "OSHO international meditation resort" in Pune, and during the 70's as the leader of the Bhagwan/Rajneesh movement.
He was a very strong spiritual leader, loved and followed by many, maybe mainly due to his pretty liberal view on sexuality and the alternative way of releasing energy and meditate. But he was also later on accused for a number of sexual harrazments and dominating behaviour at his very famous ashram. I've listened to a number of his speaches on YouTube where most of his words actually make sense to me. So I thought of giving one of his books a try despite the controversy. He is taking on a very heavy title by calling the book "The Book of Women". So my expectations were pretty high.

I did agree to many of his ideas and way of reasoning, initially. For example the way he explains how male dominance over the years has created a world for men and not for women, how the "discovery" of female orgasm is the root to a womans freedom and about men's fear of women who gain knowledge in life. (Now to be clear I don't believe all men are afraid of this. But if you look at it in a perspective of thousands of years I believe it has been so)

But I also disagreed to alot of things in the book. For examble he says that "women should remain interested in the home...if she stops being interested in the home she will stop being interested in the womb, in the child. And naturally she turns into lesbian". Eeh, whaaaat?! He also has a similar theory about why men turn Gay which is pretty hilarious.
He also mention that the revolution of women taking place today is a total waste because women are starting to act agressive like men, and not acting like women. He is not so fond of marriage and believe that the word "husband" and "wife" will be seen as ugly words in the future. Children should not belong to the parents but to the community and he also encourage women not to have children (since we are already too many people on this earth) and instead focus more on your right hemisphere in order to become more creative in life. 
I started to feel that a book about women should not be written by a man. No matter how enlightened he might be. So I decided to give the book to a girl I met at the sivananda ashram. I found that we had pretty similar view on life and we both like to listen and question things we hear and read.
Cause this is a book I do not need to keep in my bookshelf.
He is also repeating alot of statements in his book. So it might as well have been half the size. But I do love to read books which makes me start questioning my own thoughts and believes. So thank you Osho for makinge me do that! 😜

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