I couldn't be more happy to celebrate my 31st birthday!

I couldn't be more happy to celebrate my 31st birthday!
I'm working with something that I love doing. I'm a little more sensitive to alcohol. And my capacity to hold my bladder is not always working in my favor.
I also have lower back ache from time to time and wrinkles have started to show up on my big forehead. But other than that I feel really comfortable in my own skin and my body is functioning just great!
I don't feel the need to go out and party as often as in my early twenties. Or almost never actually. It's pretty nice to just stay home and chill, watch the news.
I've become even more sensitive and a silly sing can make my eyes weep. And sometimes I don't know why I'm crying.
But I can enjoy my chocolate cake on the train on a wednesday evening without feeling bad and awkward about it.
I don't have my own place yet. Being over thirty and knowing that the majority of the people my age owns their own house or appartment and have at least one child is technically not bothering me but maybe the rest of society is (and my parents).
I'm aware that my way of wanting to live my life is not going hand in hand with the rest of society. Or maybe I'm just a confused little person trying to find her Own way of living it. Whatever it is I'm very happy of where I am in life, knowing where I'm heading with a great portion of patience.
Things will happen in my favour. Or they won't. What happen does not really matter, since I know I'm not in control of everything. As long as you know how to handle things you are not in control of. 
"It's all in your head" as the great philosoper said/my man who came all the way from India to wish me on my birthday:) I love you <3 
And a great thanks for all wishes on my day<3
Yea, I couldn't be more happy to celebrate my 31st birthday:)
Peace & Love