Do you have a Wings cup in your bag?☺

Last year I came across a company named Stonesoup that works with promoting a sustainable living by teaching about and selling different kinds of environmental friendly products such as composting products, chemical free houscleaning products and sanitary napkins. 
I was  in a research process trying to find companies in India that sells menstrual cups with a good quality for a good price.
I had an idea of wanting to work with the product in some manner. But I did not know how to.
So finally I found this company, Stonesoup, in Bangalore that designed and produced their own cup in Bangalore itself - the Wings cup!
It is a cup that is unique in many ways, and I will get back to their products another time, very soon!
And their pricerange of their cups (and the rest of their products) are great - not too cheap, which will make you doubt their quality, and not too expensive for you to know what a great profit margin the company is making. 

Did you know that a menstrual cup in India can range from 300Rs up to 3000Rs?!

So, I'll be promoting and selling these menstrual cups from now on - I'm a so called Saathi member!
Just go online here, or contact me and you'll get an online discount! I'll also be available for promotion events!

So, let's see what will happen and where this will take us! I'm really exited