My roomie told  me about her favourit childrens story;)


Writing an assignment by hand...
I know one thing I'll get really tired of doing during my education..


Kids eating lemon
After a lesson  aboute basic food analyse, or teacher showed us a clip of kids reaction after eating lemon, which made me laugh so much so I cried...
Kids eating lemon
I took a day of from school yesterday and found myself roaming around in Udupi! And it remembered me how much I love being in a constantly changing position with no idea what to expect around the corner.. Even a simple roaming could be relaxing and just wounderful:)


Comfort Devices
Our Teacher Guardier reminded us yesterday about an asignment that shall be handled in NEXT WEEK!! The asignment is about Comfort Devices, and so I went to the library to try to find some information. And at the library I found many of my classmates serching for the same information, with no reasult... 
I left the library, a bit frustrated, and wondered how it was possible to not find any information of such a basic thing as comfort devices...?!
This morning I googled the words, and it didn't take many seconds for me to find an online nursing book that gave me the exact information that I wanted;)
Yes, this is the reason why we have holiday today - to study;)
Or.. because of the muslims celebrating the prophet Ibrahim. Ibrahim was told by God to sacrifice his son, and when he was about to do that God stopped him and told him to sacrifice a sheep instead. And so today many muslims sacrifice an animal to remind themself about their surrender to God, and then meet is given to their families.
 This evening I'll be  missing a giant consert at Babel in Malmö - Icona Pop....!!


White hair
I've started to grow WHITE HAIR!! And I am not kidding,..
Two days ago while trying to brush through the tangels in my hair, I found several white hair in the neck area. And I am very fashinated by arrival?
Yea, I know whom to blame. But dad, I love you still;)
Am having a really relaxing sunday that started with the gym in the morning, got a nice visit from a neighbour and I will soon go out to find a good spot to sit down and continue my Shantaram reading:)
While reading Emmas blog, she reminded me that it is only eight weeks left until I go back home. And I believe those weeks will just turn away...poff - december!!


Me and my guitar
Finally saturday, and the sessionals are done...
In the afternoon my roomie and I went to Udupi to hold the promis to buy myself a guitarr!! And so I am in love with a beautiful Oscar Schmidt washburn:)
My fingers have been missing the feeling of those strings...
On our way home a sudden rainstorm started, and with alot of lightening and thunder going one making our ride back to the hostel a quite wet one;)
 This is soooo cute...
...and this is soooo creapy...
 God night:)


If you don't know the answer, why write one?
We had our third sessional exame today. And it was Biochemestry, and it went bad. Really bad...
It even got that bad that I had alot of time to think while waiting for our next examination paper. While trying to figure out the answer to out teacher ingenious, well written questions my mind went somewhere els...
I thought of what my roomie had told me once when she explained how the school want us to answer on the examination paper; the write answer of cours. But, she told me to write something even if I didn't know the right answer to the question; the chance of getting a mark is much greater if you write something than nothing at all...
And yes, I agree with her. Because it's a fact. If I write something than nothing at all the chance of getting a mark is higher.
But how will that help my level of knowledge? How will it help my knowledge to answer I question I don't know the answer to?! Gaining marks won't help me with that. And so to answer a question a question I don't know the answer to is to me waist of time. Cause if I remember it right, isn't that the main reason with our studies? To gain knowledge, and not to gain marks? I do know that marks and knowledge goes hand in hand with each other. But the winner in the end is pure knowledge... 
It might sound funny, talking aboute gaining knowledge when I reasently left the examination hall with leaving 5+ questions "empty answered".. But there is always a reason for that. The reason might not always be a good one, but there is a reason.
Tomorrow we have Psocology... Wish me luck!!


Health is more than health
"Health is a state of well-being and using every power of individual possesses to the fullest extent"
/ Florence Nightingale
"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and socio well-being, and not merely the absece of diseases and infirmaty "
/ WHO 1948
"An experience that is often expressed in terms of wellness and illness, and may occur in the presence or absent of disease or injury"
/ American Nurses Association, 2004
"Nature alone cures... And what nurses has to to put the patient in the best condition for nature to act upon him"
/ Florence Nightingale
"Nursing is the protection, promotion and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, allevation of suffering through the diagnose and treatment of human response, and avocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities and populations ".
/ American Nurses Assiciation, 2003
I just had to share my studies for tomorrows exame in Fundamental of Nursing!
- Nightingale is sure my favourite;)


Ulf Lundell
First exame is done, and now of to study for the nex five..
I was watching Skavlan during my break, and one of the guest was Uld Lundell. Why haven't  I been listening to him before?? He semes to have this just is just amazingly, curious personality:) And his song lyrics are poeticaly briliant:)


Who told you how boring it is study??
- Shame on you!
I've herd aboute the Nobels peace price was given to European Union this year.
(And it has nothing to do with my thums-up-picture)
 A am happy for EU, but are mourning those people who are laughing to death...
- Whish I had been home to follow the social discussions that are taking place in media and around the country!!  


Bad lier
I am sooo bad in lying...
I guess that is the reason I try to avoid it. It just gives me a really bad conscience if I do.
A friend told me once that I had to stop beeing that honest all the time..;) 
But today I just had to do it...
Okey, It's not like I've killed a person, but still... Almost feels like it...!!
Friends tell me that autumn has arrived back home in Sweden...:)
I wish I had been there; to feel the autumn wind in my face; kick the fallen leafs infront of me; a walk in the forest with a colorful heavenly sky above my head... 
Three days left till the sessionals...


Last week before sessionals...
One more week to go before the sessional starts... So I know what I'll be doing next week;) 
A lot of hopelesness and irritation has been going through my mind. But I try to ignor them...
In the end what can I do, but to face another problems of mine. But to be honest, what kind of problem do I acctually have if it isn't a nonexisting one when you look at other actuall existing problems around the world.
As one of my favourit teacher tells us from time to time, when we some student won't pay attention to the class, of fall a sleep. "You students who sitt here have the right to this education and to this knowledge. Why don't you take that chance?!" 
We had our first exame in Computer Science yesterday, and we were all standing out side the computer lab with our given notes as it had been given to us the day before;) 
I've been reading about this new serie "Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar" that soon will start on SVT. Will do everything in my power to see it;) I'll give you a link to the trailer!!
 Sweet dreams to all of you:)


Mahatma Gandhi
Today we are of school because of the celebration of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi!! We have all heard about this man, (also called "Father of Nation") and the importat man he was for Inda and the indian people.  But I guess that is all I actually know, and I don't have much time to google any interestig facts either. Because of my poor information I don't have many personal thought and opinions about him, but I do understand that there is a lot of thoughts and opinins among the Indian people!
And so I let a real indian tell you more --------klick here;)
Today there was a singing competition between the college teams! And I preformed a Green Day song, and won;) Many hidden talents among the students, and while sitting there I felt like I had been brought back to the talent shows we used to have in fifth grade,..;)
"You must be the change you want to see in the world"
/Mahatma Gandhi


Tiden springer iväg...
Time is just running... It's aleady october, and ONLY two weeks left for the first sessionals!! I am not going to tell you how stressed I am...
This passed sunday I went to a TedX meeting:) And I am sooo glad I went there!! TedX is an organisation that gather good speakers to an event with the reason to create and spred discussions. One speaker talked aboute the importance of our rainforest, and hopefully I will get a day of to visit the reaserch station he is working at outside of Manipal:) 
Another guy talked aboute the fact of beeing Indian and gay, which is an very imortant discussion I would say when it comes to the fact how difficult it is, still, to talke aboute sex and sexuallity in this country.
The last speaker gave a hint of Indian humor which was a blast!;)