If you are born with the gift to pursuade, chose you words carefully

The swedish election is withing a near future, which brings up alot of interesting discussions regarding our coutry's welfare, young work force, economics and develoopment of social equalities. I listened to our present prime minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, this evening, whom I find as a very good politician. He was about to receive some of the greatest leader in the European Union into the Swedish idyll to discuss the future of Euroup. His name is also on the list on potential leder for the EU. Too bad he doesn't represent my choice of party.
But, it's not what you're saying but how you say it. People who know how to speak and  who knows in whay order to put the words right in order to make people listening to you, follow you and even to believe in what you say has this enormous power of making a change. But every person who is born with the benefit to persuade and divert people also has the enormous responsebility to do it in a right way, and not to make a use of it for their own profits.
According to Mr. Reinfeldt Europe stand for
- 7% of the worlds population
- 25% of the worlds expantion
- 50% (!!) of the worlds expences
And by seeing these numbers I believe that there is no doubt that if the people born with the power to put the right words right we would have a different world; a better world; a world striving towards equality...


After a wonderful and intense weekend and with less than 1 week till I'll be at home sweet home I couldn't be more than just HAPPY!! Yea, two theoretical exams and a practical exam left, but that just gonna be piece a pancake yaar:) Haha,..Yea, maybe not but... I keep telling me that so maybe that's gonna help a little bit at least..;)
This video was done by a bunch of happy students here, and it showes a lof of my hood, ManipaL:) And it kind of describe my feeling at the moment!!


Okey, so...the rain has started to fall over here, and It's just amazing... Really:) It's such a crazy weather these days! The rain is poring like we didn't have rain in decades in one minute. And in another minute there is no rain falling at all. Or, it's raining in on side of Manipal but not on the other side of Manipal. 
A perfect student friendly study weather indeed. 
Welcome Rainy weather, Stormy Weather, Cold weather, Humid Weather... or why not welcome everything at once;)
Two exams down,..four more to go...
And I'll be home in about a WEEK - wiiieee:)