Appartment view
Man it feels good to prepare your own breakfast..!! Woke up with a smile on my lips this morning, and in a good time so I hope that I'll be able to finish one of my assignments today,..
Sunday = Studyday;) 
Took a photo of my new view from our appartment! Since it's monsoon this is going to be our daily view until november, but in a clear day one should be able to see the arabic sea;)


Swimmming competition!
Man, today we got a holiday since the Hindu's celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi. And the rain is pooring down nicely outsie...
One week almost passed since I moved into the new place outside campus. And so far so goodie:) It's just a bit tricky to get into new routines since the place is a little bit further away. But yea, am blessed with a super roomie who support me alot:)
I participated in the Inter College Swiming Competition for the last two days, arranged by our college. And it went pretty well I must say:) Got first prize in 100m breaststroke and 100m freestyle:) Next year I'll participate in more events for sure, with the goal to get most total marks;)

After yesterdays super achievement I got a craving for pancakes and fruit sallad, and so I ended up cooking in the kitchen for the first time:) Man I miss cooking....

Life is intense; life is good:)


Moving out!
Tomorrow our clinicals start, and I'll be starting with five weeks of Psychiatric posting! Am looking forward to it with a bit of nervousness since I know that it'll be five intensive weeks ahead with clinical teaching, five assignments that should be done within three weeks, and on top of that I have to study for my supplementary exam in Community Health Nursing that is on 18th september.
AND inbetween there is going to be a lot of extra co-curricular activities AND on top of that I took the resposebility to be the group leader for one of the college team in which all students are divided into for the competition between the groups... which means that I have to be present during the competitions to make sure that team members are present, solve problems, make sure everything is arrange before the competitions etc. Yea, it's not like am alone, we work together of course..! And I believe we got a really great team with students who's filled with a lot of creative skills:)
Besides the college stuff I finally got the permission to move out from the Hostel and into an appartment outside campus area:) I'll be sharing a 2bhk with a person that I trust with my heart, so no worries about that! Moving out from the hostel was not the easiest process  through, since you might be aware about the bureaucratic country am living in. It's not done in a friday afternoon - letter her, and letter there; signature here and there etc.
I am also having trouble with my internet bank which I can't log into. And I am still waiting for my student loan money so I can pay my study fee... Everything is floating, and am just waiting for everything to settle...
Am sad to leave my hostel roomie though that moved in about a week ago..  Marlena is from New York, and I feel we got a really nice connetion while living together! But I know for sure that we'll keep in touch during her stay until december:)
I guess I just had to give people a picture regarding my present situation over here;) And to get some of my worriness out of my system by writing...;)
In this coming week I'll also be participating in the Inter College Swiming competition
Wish me luck;)


No fun with Good Bye...
So, yesterday I said good bye to two of my friends who left Manipal for good...
Sonia, whom I thought had left Manipal a week ago, surprisingly showed up in the evening, and we had a last chat before she left for Kerala, and then finally back home to USA...
Sonia, my first roomie... you've been my best and sweetest friend and my strongest and most important pillar since I came to Manipal. With your total six years experience here and at MCON you taught me aboute the Indian culture, helped me with college stuff, to improve my english, and somehow you always tended to understand my thoughts and feelings.. I wish we had spent more time together though, but you know College...;) Am gonna miss our nights at Hideout, and our long conversations that we ended up having about guys, life experiences, Who will Now have to listen to my man-problems..!?;)
You will always have a special place in my heart..
Love you girl!!
And suddenly Lyan had written his last finals,.. Man,.why didn't we hang out more?! Am gonna miss our philosophical talks about humankind and the world they live in,.and, why didn't we play pool before?! I'll promise not to forget all the advice you gave me regarding the game,.. Thumbs up for that, ok!:)
I wish you all the best in Malaysia!! You're gonna be an epic Doctor;)
We'll meet again for sure; Universe will make it happen:)


What a little bit of (''V'') can do
I woke up with a big smile in my heart today! The reason why is nothing that can be explained, just something that has to be felt to be able to be understood, why suddenly everything around you looks different, more attractive or how to say.
But things are beautiful if you love them.
So start loving.
Hand down
I'm to proud for love
But with my eyes closed
It's you I'm thinking of
But how we move from A to B
It can't be up to me
cause you don't know
Eye to eye
thigh to thigh
I let go
I think I'm a little bit
a little bit
a little bit in love with you
But only if you're a little bit
little bit
a little bit in love with you
Oh oh oh
And for you I keep my legs apart
And forget about my tainted heat
And I will never ever be the first
to say it but still
You know I, I, I
I would do it
Push a button
pull a trigger
Climb a mountain
Jump off a cliff
Cause you know Baby
I love you
I love you
a little bit
I would do it
I would say it
I would mean it
and we could do it
It was you and I
and I only
I think I'm a little bit
a little bit
a little bit in love with you
But only if you're a little bit
a little bit
a little bit in love with me
Come here
Stay with me
Stroke me by the hair
Cause I would give anything
anything to have you as my man
Little bit
A little bit
A little bit in love with you
But only if you're a little bit
a little bit
a little bit in love with me


Arranged Marriage and divorces
Since I am at the moment living in a country well known for their deep rooted tradition of arranged marriage I have come a cross a number of discussions about this constantly present topic in the Indian society.
It is well known that the so-called "Love marriages" are getting more and more common in the Indian society parrallell to the obvious statistics that tells us that divorces are getting more common around the country. It's a sad thing to hear of course. According to Ira Trivedi's own research regarding divorce rates 70% of them was initiated with a love marriage. So yea, I believe we can't ignore the fact that is clearly given. And yea, blame it on the westernalization. Just as Indians do with other changes that are taking place in India..
I was recently in a discussion with a friend regarding the topic, and he was convinced that he wanted to be a part of an arranged marriage. He want to marry an Indian girl, (since he know that his parents wouldn't agree if he married a non-indian girl) and live with his parents. And nothing is wrong with that as long as that's what he wants. I fully respect a persons decisions and dreams as long as they are happy about it!  
The problem, where I see it, is when you face situations where you are directly, or indirectly, forced to follow the will of your family; when you feel that you have to yeild over your own will; when tradition becomes inevitable.
What also happens in Indian families, what I've come to know, is the parents way of spoiling their kids. They pay for their education, wherever in the world their kids may study, or whatever the study fee will be; they pay for a car/bike, travel expenses, clothes etc with not so much of giving it a thought. Or maybe they Do give it a thought. 
I believe Indian parents are smarter than that though. I can't tell the number of times I've heard young people telling me that "yea, my parents are paying, so I kind of owe it to them", or "my parents have done so much for me so I want to give something back to them".
Or this one,..I overheard a phoneconversation once between the girl and her dad where she was asking if she could change her course which would result in a much, much higher course fee, and the girl was screaming "I'll marry who every you want me to marry after graduation dad, just let me change the course"....:) 
Umm,..I have a feeling that she's not the only one who have pulled that sting to their parents..:P  
I went through some statistics online to check the divorce rates over the world, and found that India has one of the worlds lowest divorce rate compared to Sweden that has one of the worlds hights...  Nothing to be proud of dear country men & women... But on the other hand, divorce doesn't have to be a bad thing, even though a lot of negativity is put into it. From a Indian perspective it is seen as the end of the world if a couple would agree to go through such thing, because there is so much negativity over it. In Sweden a divorce could also be seen a divorce as a possibility to start over; to start a new life! People tend to break up from their old life to find themself striving towards new realizations and new things they want out of life and so on...  
Another thing I've come to know is that there is no hindi-word for "divorce", and the Indian society makes it quite impossible to not go through a divorce even if you wanted to so, maybe another reason for the low divorce rate...
I wanted to share a young Indian womans thoughts regarding arranged marriages, which kind of made me respect the Indian society the way it's shaped a little bit more. Every society is different right.
Arranged marriage sounds as crazy to western people as love marriage sounds to Indian people.
So, just deal with it western folks.
I also came across another interesting  tedX clip about a woman who wants to Cancel Marriage. She talks about the very reason how marriage started hundreds of years ago, and are questioning why we still need it in todays society since so much have changed since then.
She also kills the beautiful Cinderella story by questioning her choice of marrying the prince...:/
But yea, her thoughts are well worth taking into consideration for an open discussion regarding the matter:)


Man, I gotta start working out
I finally got my Mareena membership card, and so today I went for a run.  I felt almost like throwing up after 20 min... Yea, one is not 20 anyomore.. So, I believe I have another project to work on this year:)
And, oh my... tonight my friend called me to come outside my hostel; he had brought a birthday cake and a present.. He had even lightened the candles!! Soo sweet my dear,..thank you sooo much:)


College has started
So far OBG (Obstetrics Gynecology) belongs to one of my favourite subjects this year among our three other - Medical Surgical Nursing II, Child Health Nursing and Mental Health Nursing. Mental Health might be the course I'll be spending most of my time trying to stay awake..:/ 
The teachers are in general really good this year though! And I believe they are about to meet us students as student and young adults and not just young, imature students..finally... I've kind of been longing for that treatment...
Since I passed all the subjects in my 2nd year exept Community Health Nursing I'll be writing my complementary exam in September.
We have three more weeks of theoretical classes until seven weeks of clinicals starts.
Gosh, it's really "pang på röbetan" over here..:P      
I bought a new book today. I love buying books. Wish I had better motivation of reading them though...;)
funny how they came up thith this front cover...


On The Go To Goa!
I know you guys asked why (the hell) I choosed to go back to India a whooole week before college started instead of spending that precious time with friends and family back home... It's not that I don't love you..I DO!! INSANELLY!! I just...also...LOVE TO TRAVEL!!!
Simple as that...
And after some thinking back and forth I decided to go back to Manipal to meet up a dear friend and see what traveling arrangements we would end up doing. I had not much of an idea of where I wanted to go. Or honestly, I had a million places I wanted to go, but no idea of where to start... But after hearing my friend telling me that "we'll make it happen", my worries were gone with the wind...:)
  The trip started off with one night in Baga, another night in Candolim; scooter driving around i the North Goa until even I started to recognice where the streets were taking us; beer and chilling on the beach; delicious Indian food; night dip in the ocean; club dancing on a desert dance floor; and an ocean view which is practically impossible to take the eyes away from...  
I got spoiled enough on my B-day by celebrating it at an awesome place with awesome company! And on the evening we took a night train to Allappuzha, Kerala.
For everyone who wanna travel in India, one just have to travel by train. That's just how you do it right!
The next day we went on a boat ride on the freshwaters. There is just something about water that makes your heart beat slow down.. And yea, the nature in whole of course! You, the water, the nature, a sky filled with stars... Hm..:)
Last night was spent on the coast like in Varkala, and while we were out roaming that night I got the luck to see a shooting star!! Make a wish, make a wish...:) 
On the last day we took the train to Travindrum, visited the Zoo, and yea,..then it was time for me to start thinking about Manipal and the college...

I've had amazing days traveling without the need to think of time and obligations. And I believe that it's in those moments in life when you find the true you whom you ought to be in this world.
The third year at MCON just started, and I couldn't be more exited about it:)
Let's do this!!
Till eternity and beyeond...