Valentine's Parcel!!!

The lady in the foye called me 11.45pm to tell me that I had a parcel to pick up! So, I went down stairs of course. How can someone wait till the morning if you know there's a parcel from Sweden waiting for you?!!:)
I had got a Valentine's Parcel a couple of days too late, but who cares.:) Sooo sweeet of my family!! The first thing I took out of the parcel was papers that told me about the present mortgage I am having since I study here...funny, funny... But the rest of the things cheered me up more, sure thing:) Especially the Valentine's- candy!! I also got a package of my favourie Eucalyptus-Menthol tablets - I can't wait to get a soar throat so I can drink it together with some warm milk - yummie!:)  
Thanks a TON my sweeeet family!!
Love you sooo muuuch!!


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Ååh, dem är så söta!!! ❤️

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